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Bright sunshine makes us happy and helps our skin to produce vitamin D; which is essential to overall health and strong healthy bones.  However, too much direct sun exposure can burns your skin and also ages skin faster - dehydration, wrinkles, brown sunspots, etc.  

Protect your skin with high quality sun protection such as Bioline Sundefensefrom Italy.  It has SPF 30of UVA and UVB filters and protective screens,  Also rich in Brazilian nut oil, rice oil, & jojoba oil provide anti-oxidant benefits that fights environmental pollutions.   Paraben Free.   Apply and repeat every 2 `to 3 hours.                50 ml / $50                                                                                 

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Porcelain Room ​is proudly working with following medical & organic skincare products: 

Holistic Natural Skincare

for individually targeted skin therapy: 

at Porcelain Room, we design our facial treatments to boost collagen levels, stimulate microcirculation and most importantly strengthen and balance your skin to a healthy state with natural elements.  
With every Porcelain Facial Treatment, skincare expert will guide you through a proper skincare analysis, a simple (yet effective) daily skincare routine and product knowledge  to transform yours to  beautifully radiant and wonderfully smooth skin!