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Dear Friends,

As of September 2016, I have started full time education in naturopathic medicine to become a naturopathic doctor.   I truly believe that we have innate power to heal ourselves with the right support.   I am extremely grateful to all of you because you have shown me that the healing power of nature transforms our lives.
Porcelain Room will be open on a limited schedule, as I will need a lot of time preparing for schoolwork.
I will do my best to be as helpful to you as possible.   So, please let me know if you have any questions regarding booking an appointment, product or skincare issues via email: PorcelainRoom@gmail.com

Thank you for your continuing support!


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Porcelain Room ​is proudly working with following medical & organic skincare products: 

Porcelain Room 

Gift Certificates available upon request:  porcelainroom@gmail.com

eminence organic skin care, enzyme, hydrating, brightening, sensitive skin

Holistic Natural Skincare

for individually targeted skin therapy: 

at Porcelain Room, we design our facial treatments to boost collagen levels, stimulate microcirculation and most importantly strengthen and balance your skin to a healthy state with natural elements.  
With every Porcelain Facial Treatment, skincare expert will guide you through a proper skincare analysis, a simple (yet effective) daily skincare routine and product knowledge  to transform yours to  beautifully radiant and wonderfully smooth skin!